A rebel at heart. At best when everything is at stake. Blazing a new trail in the world of Americana music, Dutch singer/songwriter Deborah Parlor expresses a modern edge to the traditional Country genre. Her “poppy” and soulful approach sometimes even takes you to the good old west coast sound. Her sound can be best described as a delicate mix between dreamy lyrics wrapped up in a smooth global Country / Americana production. Co-written with the well-known Ed Struijlaart, her debut single “Closing Time” received its deserved recognition and was playlisted on several major Dutch Radio stations.

Enriching her music with live performances, Deborah Parlor creates a traditional Americana sound setting with a live-band equipped with mandolin and pedal steel, which give the songs an almost dreamy and magic-like sound. Deborah Parlor’s charismatic on stage personality together with her melancholic lyrics make her a compelling and unique free-spirited artist who will continue to shine. For her upcoming record in 2022 Deborah Parlor travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to write and find inspiration.

A delicate mix between melancholic lyrics and compelling tunes, wrapped up in a smooth production with a global country/rock attitude.

Deborah writes, sings and plays various instruments and her voice is described as a modern Emmylou Harris. Sensitive but honest. She is no stranger to this genre. She grew up listening to Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks and Allisson Krauss.

Deborah isn’t afraid to write about her own journey, personal and professionally, but also reflects other people’s choices and lives and often writes about finding love and friendship in a digital world where everything seems perfect. She describes herself as an old soul longing for authenticity and holding on to a romantic ideal of freedom.

After signing to independent record label Cloud 9 Music, Deborah Parlor followed up to her debut single with the full “Dreaming Wide Awake” EP. The lead song “Dreaming Wide Awake” was playlisted on the major station Radio NPO5 and gained an abundance of support and a support tour in the Netherlands. Well known producer and songwriter JB Meijers (Common Linnets, De Dijk) produced and collaborated on the debut and Deborah Parlor also wrote music alongside acclaimed musicians.

She worked in a guitar store whilst she was writing down ideas for songs. Because she started playing on a vintage parlor guitar, her friends started calling her Deborah Parlor.

Well known producer and songwriter JB Meijers (Ilse Delange, De Dijk) produced and wrote with her on the debut and she wrote songs with acclaimed musicians such as Ed Struijlaart, Peter Slager(Blôf), Don Mescall(Ronan Keating) and Leif de Leeuw.