Old Time Sailors is a musical show designed to take the audience back in time through an unforgettable trip to the 19th century and beyond. We offer every member of the audience a copy of the Sunday Sailor, our own newspaper-shaped programme, which includes sailing trivia, dancing instructions, and the lyrics to all our songs, in order to sing along and become a sailor for one epic moment! We also give everyone a replica boarding pass to a 19th century ship, where they can fill in their personal info! Our crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully wireless to ensure proper dynamic movement and interaction with the audience, when the venue allows. We are self contained, so we bring all our equipment with us, and our amps are good enough for crowds up to 800 strong, over that we can feed you a mix since we always bring our own sound engineer. Our show is quite flexible, we have two types of repertoire: on the one hand our “power show” which is packed with lively songs, quite appropriate for boozy crowds and parties. Our power show is composed of 3 x 40 min sets. On the other hand we have our “traditional irish show”, which is focused on trad-irish music mostly, low key songs and drinking songs, such as Ragland Road and 7 Drunken Nights, more appropriate for relaxed settings. Our trad-irish show is composed of 5 x 40 min sets, of which we usually play 3 sets. All in all we have 120 songs, and our usual show lasts for 3 hours when counting 15/20 min intermissions in between sets. Of course we can play just 1 or 2 sets if needed, we are quite flexible with that, and we can also mix a bit of power show with trad-irish show. Everything will take place within our magnificent stage set, which is designed to give the audience the sensation of being inside a 19th Century vessel, and we do carry with us a flexible set which can practically fit everywhere, mostly composed of whisky barrels, steamer trunks, and fishing nets! We can literally play anywhere, theatres, large stages, street performances, pubs, marinas, and even on the beach!