Alongside her new found love of music production Sarah also spread her wings to the online gigging world. Over the course of 2020/ 2021 she joined forces with two of UK’s brightest acts Donna Marie and Tennessee Twin and every Sunday afternoon they performed as ‘the Songs and Stories Collective’ Playing their own material with covers and chat about music. This show enticed big audiences and became a regular in peoples weekly diaries. the Collective had a guest artist each week including Bob Fitzgerald, Cheley Tackett, Emma Moore, Peter Donegon, and more.. The Collective have gone on to tour the UK in 2022 and have all found friends for life in the process!

2022 has turned out to be a packed out year of shows, one of the highlights being DART music festival in which Sarah’s Band were accompanied by Sarah Jory. A capacity crowd packed into the guildhall in Dartmouth

Having had the feeling for some time that she’d like to bring more of the great Country acts down to the Westcountry to perform, Sarah started up the ‘West Country Sessions’ in her local village hall. In 2021/22 Sarah has held 8 sessions with guests including Tennessee Twin, James Kirby, Joe Martin, Adam Sweet, Sarah Jory Donna Marie Gary Quinn.

Further to this Sarah expanded her organisation skills into a festival! the West Country Music Festival held on the 13th August 2022. at the stunning venue, Muddifords Court near Exeter. This was a huge undertaking, at at times Sarah was wisheing she hadn’t started, but with the line up she secured including Gasoline and Matches, Adam Sweet, and Headlined by Kezia Gill the festival was a massive success with the audience pleading for it to become an annual event.. so watch this space!